November 8, 2015

A Solution from Netflix for Bedtime Stallers

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation have come with a solution to help parents with bedtime-stalling children. Every child is different even in the same family, and I know some children come with every excuse they can think of to stay up a little bit longer. 
After a Netflix Survey conducted online by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of Netflix from September 2 to 23, 2015 among 7,277 parents with a child ages 2-10 across seven countries (US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico) they found 61 percent of parents in charge of getting their children tucked in at night deal with their children's creative stall tactics. These parents have mentioned spending nearly 20 minutes every single night negotiating with their children to get them into bed. 

If your child is a bedtime staller then Netflix thinks favorite scenes following the adventures of Ty-Rux and Revvit as they demonstrate important lessons of teamwork and friendship in the Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites might help to motivate their little ones to get ready for bedtime. 
While the bedtime struggle is real across the globe, how the antics unfold varies by region. 
  • Parents in Brazil are most likely to say their children's  stall tactics frequently work as the children use the "just 5 more min" negotiation tactics. 
  • Parents in Mexico are significantly more likely to say and give in to allow their children to stay up past their bedtime.
  • American children are the most likely to try creative stall tactics and it takes parents the longest to get them to bed.
  • Parents in the UK lure their children to sleep with bedtime bribes such as the chance to stay up later on weekends or by offering food or snacks.
  • Parents in Australia are among those most likely to say they never make compromises to get their child into bed.
  • Parents in Canada are significantly more likely to disagree that their child's stall tactics can be too cute or clever that they give in and let them stay up past their bedtime.
  • Bedtime in France is a dream come true where kids get to bed on time most days of the week, and the parents there spend the least amount of time getting them to bed (12.3 minutes vs. 17.5 average).
I agree with the 87 percent of parents that said the last snuggle once their child is quietly tucked into bed is one of the most special parts of their day.

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  1. Awesome Post, I could not agree more ....

  2. My little guy definitely loves to procrastinate when it comes to bedtime. I think that he covers several of the categories in the list!

  3. I think wea re the only house to not have Netflix yet??!! Must get :)

  4. Mine are good at the thirsty and the general complain until I give in.


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