October 13, 2015

The Fully Loaded Dudley Backpack and Lunch Bag

If you are looking to get something useful for children or adults you know, then you will want to consider the Fully Loaded Dudley backpacks and lunch bag as the perfect option. Fully Loaded Dudley backpacks, which is available in 5 colours is lightweight, durable and has fabulous features that make it the perfect bag for school, travel, and sports.

This bag has a padded laptop sleeve, hidden pockets, plenty of storage, padded straps, reinforced buttons, and earbud access. The padding on the back makes it extra comfortable to wear when it is fully loaded!
The Fully Loaded Lunch Bag is a convenient, sturdy lunch bag my daughter loves taking to school. I think it is perfect for school or work. Although it doesn't look as big, I am glad we can fit a lot into the bag, which allows us to pack a variety of healthy lunches. 
Since the bag is fully insulated, it keep the food fresh and maintains the inside temperature. We can also easily clean it. The zipper and the mesh pockets that are inside and outside are perfect for added storage and organization of either fragile food items or utensils. 
The sturdy base allows us to keep it upright or on it's back for simple access and storage. The soft touch grip handle is thick and rubberized making it comfortable to carry.

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  1. We've been using Dudley products for so many years, very reliable brand!

  2. this looks like it would stand up to my messy SK student. lol

  3. This seems to be a very well-made and sturdy backpack! I'd love to try one out!


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