September 18, 2015

Leaping into Early Literacy and Numeracy with LeapFrog

As a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador, my children and I got to check out useful tech learning products from LeapFrog. For over 20 years, LeapFrog has been making useful, educational and active children's products. This year, LeapFrog has introduced their fabulous LeapPad Platinum and Imagicards that is packed with fun learning.
This LeapPad Platinum is geared towards three to nine year old children. It is a 7" hi-resolution, multi-touch tablet with a shatter safe durable screen. This tablet geared for children has an energy absorbing wrap-around bumper to protect it from accidents. LeapPad Platinum has 8GB memory, and a rechargable battery that is charged with the enclosed AC Power Adapter. The battery lasts for about 5 hours. It is easy to setup by following the on screen prompts.
There are two cameras and videorecorders in the front and back of the LeapPad that allows children to take pictures and videos of family and friends. We like that the screen is sharp and crisp, which makes learning fun allowing children to explore over 1000 educator approved games. 
The parental controls in the device is fabulous. I like that we can set a timer that stops all the games once the time is up, and tells the children their time for using the LeapPad is done. We all know that when you are having fun the time flies by, and it is hard to convince children that their time for using the LeapPad is done. As a parent, I don't have to watch the time or have a hard time trying to get the device from my children, because I know with my children "five more minutes please" will turn into hours before they put it away. 
Children can explore child friendly web content in a safe way through Wi-Fi by using LeapSearch and browsing age appropriate content and curated videos. I like that there are features that allow parents to fine tune as they wish on what type of content children can browse. Children can only download apps if there is wireless internet connection, and access to the password protected parent account.  
LeapFrog Imagicard is a digital and physical learning experience that children can experience with their LeapPad Platinum. LeapFrog Imagicard has launched three interactive games that feature favourite characters including PAW Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and LeapFrog's Letter Factory. I like that the Imagicards come in branded tin containers, so children can store them in one place after playing. We found the play mat that comes with each Imagicard package to be useful, as it explains about card sorting, and offline learning activities, so children can practice what they have learned without the electronic device.  We found that downloading the games takes a little long, although while it downloads children have an option to play other games that are already on the tablet. Once the Imagicard games are downloaded it will become available on all the profiles in the LeapPad.
My children found the games easy to follow and understand. I like that when children are playing with the Imagicard games, and if they are playing incorrectly the game assumes they do not understand and pauses to explain the concept, for example what patterns are or a method to count numbers without missing any. 
Since both my children play the LeapPad, I find the Just for Me Learning Technology useful, as it personalizes and select games by remembering the curricular progress for each child's profile across games to adjust to children's learning levels. This way children are being challenged at their level, and are not wasting time on concepts they already are familiar with.  

The Three LeapFrog Imagicard games are: 

Paw Patrol teaches number recognition, counting, shapes, patterns, addition, and subtraction. Children will enjoy playing games where they have to patrol the bay for citizens who need help, and then find the pup with the right tools and skills for each mission. As they unleash mathematics and problem solving skills they can earn Good Citizen badges. 

With the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Imagicards children will be practising their number skills to identify odd vs. even numbers, solve for greater than or less than, and identify numbers by place value as they deactivate security locks in the games. They will also learn by creating addition and multiplication equations, add, subract, divide, and multiply whole numbers, and learn fractions.

The Letter Factory Adventures has 6 games, 18 carnival attractions, 50+ Trivia questions, and 30 cards. As children play the games and try to unlock new attractions, it teaches children reading skills such as phonics, spelling, consonants and blends, words sounds and rhyme, sight words, and vowels. 
The Word Whammer is a wonderful educational toy by LeapFrog that is perfect to prep our children for Kindergarten. The three games on the Word Whammer auto adjusts to match with the child's skill level and challenges children fours years and over in a fun way building their literacy skills.  I like that the games adapt automatically to children's level for just the right challenge. Children can build spelling skills through 5 levels of play that allows children to identify letters and letter sounds to build over 100 words. 

The three games in the Word Whammer:
  • The Blast and Build words allow children to thrust the handle to blast the rocket and make words. 
  • The Spin and Learn letters allow children to turn the handle and bump the car into the correct answer. 
  • The Twist and Identify letter sounds allow children to quickly twist the handle and spin the teacup into the correct answer. 
I like how child friendly the Word Whammer is, as children can figure it out on their own. I love that the volume has two settings, and can be lowered. The Word Whammer requires 3 AAA batteries. 

Overall, we like the educational benefits and the fun way of learning through the LeapFrog Word Whammer, LeapPad Platinum, and the Imagicards.

Disclosure: I am a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador and receive products, promotional items, and educational material to use and share as I see fit. All rights reserved on photographs and written content Createwithmom © 2011 - 2015. Please Ask First


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