September 2, 2015

Important Books for the New School Year from DK

Having good reference books at home and in the classroom for school age children and beyond is important. In DK's Back to School Boutique you will find useful books that will be handy for our children to refer to either to grow their curiosity or to use for research. 
My children and I enjoyed going through the Children's World Atlas that explains about the people, and takes a closer look at continents and countries around the world. Prior to going on our trip to explore Eastern Canada we checked out the map and learned about the different places we will be passing by and going to. This helped my children understand the landscape and get a sense of where they are going.
The revised and updated Merriam Webster Children's Dictionary in the study space useful. This dictionary is colourful and makes it more inviting for children to refer to.
Simthsonian Space uses digital imaging technology to create this fabulous reference book, which is handy for children to have in their study space. Referring to well-researched books help children grasp correct information and use for either research or for their own curiosity. 
This DK Simthsonian Space book explains about the solar system, and is colourful and exciting to look through and learn from. We enjoyed going through the reference pages about the night sky and constellations, and it brought back memories of our learning experience at the Montreal planetarium. We also enjoyed learning about the different types of space explorations that has taken place.   
Check out the useful informative books at DK back to school boutique, as these will come in handy throughout the school year. 
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