August 16, 2015

Why You Should Choose TAC Sports Camp

My children loved attending the Toronto Athletic Sports Camp this summer. Learning a new skill, especially sports from professionals is quite important since the foundation is the key for children to continue their love for a sport. Since TAC sports coaches are experts in their sports either Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, and Martial Arts, my husband and I felt confident sending my children to the full day summer camp where both my children learned Martial Arts, and plan to continue their love for it. They spent half their day learning tennis and basketball. My daughter picked tennis and my son basketball. They were excited that their coaches picked them for their chosen sports for being a good sport for a week, and grasping the skills. 
As a parent, getting good feedback from my children and their enthusiasm to go the next day determines how good a camp is. Since both my children didn't complain waking up early and eagerly getting ready for camp, and coming back with lots to say I felt confident that TAC summer camp is a place I can send my children. I like how everything is well thoughtout from the time we drop off the kids to picking them up. Having enthusiastic, caring, friendly staff that are approachable is a key for us to feel that our children are in good hands while at camp, since I am fearful of accidents that can happen while playing. My son loves basketball and loved learning new skills and playing. My children were excited they met NBA player Cory Joseph, who currently plays for the Toronto Raptors and was able to get an autograph on their TAC sports t-shirt. 
Here are thoughts from my daughter on what they learned and enjoyed...
"In Martial Arts I learned basic steps to become a self-defence expert and learned different ways to defend myself when situations occur. The coach and volunteers are really nice and always helped all the children. I think it is a great way to keep my body moving. There were lots of great activities to workout all our body parts. I think Martial Arts is a beautiful art, and I had a lovely time learning to use my body to defend myself. We learned three main Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and Shotokan karate. I am glad that I learned the basic steps, and enjoyed bringing back my dad's memories as a little boy learning some of the Shotokan karate steps. 
In Tennis, I loved moving and exercising, especially my feet and arms. In Tennis, my coach and volunteers were full of energy and they were always happy to give all the children support. I learned to do backhands, serves, forehands, and volleys. I think Tennis is a wonderful sport. I chose Tennis because my mom used to play it and I am glad I did because I love it now and happy my parents bought me my own Tennis Racquet I am planning to put to good use."
There is one more week of camp that you can sign your children up for or check out their site for fabulous Fall programs

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  1. I love to put my kids in sports camp over the holidays to keep them busy and active too!

  2. I believe that my grandchildren will go to sports camps when they are old enough. My two boys who played hockey went to several hockey camps and thoroughly enjoyed themselves besides improving their skills'

  3. physical activity is so beneficial for children! every little bit helps :)

  4. Sounds like is was a great camp! (Judy Cowan)

  5. It is always enjoyable to engage in physical activity in a fun way with friends.

  6. That's great. The kids have so much fun during sports camp week.

  7. Sounds like the camps are a lot of fun! (Andrea Amy)

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