August 19, 2015

Ultramodern Steel Diaper Pail from Ubbi

Ubbi has innovative products designed with parents and children in mind. They have easy to use, unique, quality products that helps simplify the parents' lives while keeping babies happy and safe. This useful, ultramodern steel diaper pail from Ubbi is stylish and functional.

The Ubbi Diaper Pail has been machine-cycle tested and put under strict quality control requirements to prove its functionality and ultimate value. Ubbi has utilized innovative materials and an intricate design to achieve maximum odour control. The rubber seal and the innovative sliding lid on this diaper pail prevents leaks and keeps the
odour locked in. 
The powder coated steel does not absorb odour like
 plastic, which makes it easy for us to clean the pail with a wet cloth. I like how simple and easy it is to load, use, empty,
and clean this pail. Since it has a child proof safety lock, it prevents
 children from getting into the pail
I like how convenient and economical the pail is, as we can fit standard kitchen bags and save money compared to other pails that use expensive, hard-to-find refills. We also have the option of being environmentally friendly by using reusable cloth liners. 
This simple, sleek, and modern looking design is attractive to be kept in any room. I like the colour choices of the pail and the ability to customize the pail with decals. OYACO, a Canadian distributor of innovative, safe and high quality baby, maternity and children’s products has made this diaper pail available in 600 retail and online stores across the country.
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  1. Love this, I actually like the design of the pail, seems as it would fit into any room

  2. Love how this looks and that it is easy to clean

  3. We used cloth diapers for both kids, happy to be done with that :)


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