July 28, 2015

Recycling a Bottle with Glass Stain

When I do crafts, I enjoy recycling materials that I find around our home. Prior to this project, I haven't used glass paint so I was excited to see how the transformation of a frappuccino bottle into a decorative vase will turn out. I used a beautiful, pink Transparent Glass Stain for this project and really enjoyed the ease of using it.

For this project you will need...
a frappuccino bottle
Glass Stains Transparent 2oz pink
Paint brush
I placed the bottle upside down. Then, I squeezed some stain that dripped to the bottom of the jar. I like the writer's tip that allowed me to easily squeeze and apply the stain.
I used a paintbrush and smoothened some of the dripped stain and left some for texture.
This transparent high-quality, permanent stain has a glossy sheen. This Glass Stains Transparent is usually used to fill pre-formed suncatchers and to create stained glass effects on glass or clear plastic. 
I like the light that shines through this bottle, which creates different pink hues depending on the lighting in the room and where I place this bottle. I am excited to try other fun projects with glass paint. 

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  1. This is neat, never heard of glass stain before. :-)

  2. This looks like fun! I always recycle my glass containers.

  3. This is very pretty, and a great way to re-use.

  4. Such a fun idea and easy to do.


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