July 30, 2015

Great Accessories for Mac from Mobee

Mobee Magic Charger
The Apple Magic mouse is a great device. However, since we use it so often the batteries need to be changed frequently so we started using rechargeable batteries. Sometimes we forget to charge the batteries and end up having a mouse without a charge. Fortunately there is a cure to this problem. The Magic Charger by Mobee is a well thought out inductive charging solution for our Apple magic mouse.
The box contains a charging station, and mini-USB cable, and a battery module/cover for the mouse. To insert the battery module, all we have to do is remove the original battery cover and batteries from our magic mouse and replace it with the battery pack that contains the two packaged NiMH AAA cells. I had to carefully align the slots and then give it a firm press to fit the cover. The charging base is shaped similar to the magic mouse. When the mouse is not in use, we just have to place it on the charger for it to be charged. The charging base and the battery cover are made with a hardened recyclable plastic. I like that the parts are coated with a silver paint and matches all our Apple devices and accessories. The charging station can be easily placed on the iMac base without taking up any extra space on the desk.
Mobee does not provide a USB power adapter in the box. Instead this charger gathers its power using one of the desktop’s USB ports. The base also connects to any powered USB port with the provided mini-USB cable. If you are hooking up the charger to your computer’s USB slot, then it needs to be on for it to charge, which is not practical. I find the best way to use this is by keeping the base plugged into a powered USB adapter or using Mobee’s own Magic Hub that can charge our devices even when the desktop is turned off. 

The Mobee battery pack is advertised to keep our magic mouse running for 6-8 days without a charge. I have been using the Mobee Magic charger for a while and charged the mouse only about couple of times overnight until the light stopped flashing indicating a full charge. It is best to place the mouse in the charging base when not in use, so you always will have a charged mouse. The Mobee Magic charger is an eco-friendly, cost effective, useful addition to the Mac.
Mobee Magic Hub
Another unique accessory by Mobee is the Magic Hub. USB Hubs are pretty common these days, but the Mobee Magic Hub is different. I like the way it blends into the design of the iMac. The Magic Hub has four USB ports and this adds three extra USB ports to our iMac. Since the ports are USB 3.0 they are pretty fast for data transfer.

To install the Magic Hub you have to unplug the original power cord from the iMac, then insert the hub into the hole on the neck of the iMac and use the provided wheel to screw it onto the neck of the iMac. After plugging the power cord from the Mobee Magic Hub into the iMac you then have to attach the original power cable to the hub. Installation is complete when the provided USB 3.0 cable is plugged from the hub to one of the USB ports on the iMac. 
Not only does the Mobee Magic Hub increases the number of USB ports on the iMac, it can be used to charge other devices such as iPads, iPhones or any other electronics with USB ports. The magic hub has a clearly marked specialized port that produces enough power to charge an iPad. Since the hub uses the same power cable as the iMac it can charge devices even without the iMac being turned on.

This stylish addition to the iMac increases the USB ports for data connectivity, and a dedicated charging port for mobile devices or the Mobee Magic Charger.

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