July 28, 2015

All-in-One Fun Snappy Towels

From play to function these Snappy Towels are a must have for every child. Both my children have been enjoying their Snappy towels in a variety of occasions. Since the towels are personalized, these towels have become really special to my children. They love all the things they can do with the towels from turning it into a super hero cape, princess robe, wings, hooded towel, poncho, blanket wrap and more.
I really like the absorbent quality of the towels. I found the concept of having the snaps really cool, as it allows my children to use the towels in a variety of ways and transform it from a beach towel or blanket to a cape or to a hooded towel or to cover-up in a snap! It is wonderful that the snaps are made of polyacetal resin, a strong and durable plastic that will not rust or damage the dryer. The snaps are easy for children to put and remove on their own, which eliminates frustrations for both children and adults :) Since there are no sharp edges, I find it safe for my children to use the snaps as they wish. We really like all the possibilities the snaps allow.
My children love taking their Snappy towels everywhere from camping to the beach to road trips and everywhere in between. I find having the beautifully embroidery personalization in the towels useful, as I was able to send the towels with my children for swimming lessons and camp without trying to label it first. For us, these towels have become an essential part of everyday bath time as well. 
The towels measure 50" x 27", and is made with a mid-weight 100% cotton so they are thick enough for bath-time but still light enough for play-time at the beach. These towels are a perfect gift for boys and girls 2 and up. 

Ordering these towels are easy, all you have to do is
  1. Pick your towel colour from either pink, blue or green.
  2. Then choose your snap and embroidery color.
  3. And finally personalize - you can put up to 12 characters with the name or initials from a selection of bold, script or serif font. 
Snappy Towels ship for free within Canada and the US when you order two or more. When you order this kids swim towel and toy, you will also get a free beach ball with every purchase. They also have a cool new waffle weave microfiber towel that would be perfect for adults to take on trips or to the gym, which I can't wait to use.

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  1. I found out about these towels about a month ago and I keep almost buying them but I just can't spend quite that much on towels! I guess I could just not personalize them and that would save some.

  2. Been seeing these towels around a lot lately they look real nice

  3. what an ingenius design! I would love one for myself, lol. - anna key

  4. This is so great for the kids. They can walk down to the beach all covered up.

  5. love them! thanks for thereview


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