April 9, 2015

Playing, After Watching Ever After High Netflix Original

At the Ever After High’s annual spring fairest everything is topsy-turvy where up means down, and royal means rebel. My daughter enjoys playing with the storybook dollhouse, and the Ever After High dolls because she can replay what she has enjoyed on the Netflix Original Ever After High, and also make her own stories during play. 
My daughter’s favourite character is Briar Beauty. Briar Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty. I enjoyed learning from my children that each character on Ever After High is inspired by the storybook characters we knew as children. Briar Beauty, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty's destiny is to sleep for hundred years however, she doesn't want that. Cedar Wood is the daughter of Pinocchio, and she is made out of wood. Madeline Hatter, daughter of The Mad Hatter unlike her father is very gentle and loves riddles. Blondie Locks is the daughter of Goldie Locks. Cerise Hood is the daughter of Red Riding Hood who is sometimes sneaky. Hunter Huntsman is the son of Huntsman. Ashlynn Ella loves nature and Hunter Huntsman. 
Apple White, the daughter of Snow White wants to follow her destiny of falling dead by eating a poisonous apple, and waking up when her true love kisses her. Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen doesn't want to be like her mom. The Ever After High boarding school is divided into two groups "Royals" and "Rebels". The Royals are the students on Apple White's side who embrace their destinies and are content with their fates. The Rebels are the students on Raven Queen's side who prefer the idea of creating their own destinies. My children had already watched the season 1 of Ever After High, and they were excited to watch season 2. They loved writing their favourite parts and stories with feathery top pens and glittery covered notebooks.
If you want to invite some friends over to watch the show, you can use the printable party invitation below. 
Wondering what else is on Netflix these days, check this list for inspiration. 
Adults, if you haven't watched the Netflix Original Bloodline and you are looking for a good drama then you will enjoy this show set in the Florida Keys. The series follows a family caught between the ugly truth and the terrible lie that covers it up. I assure you, once you watch the first episode you will want to watch the rest to see what happens. We can't wait for season 2 :)
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