February 9, 2015

Cool Things You Can Buy and Sell on UsedEverywhere.com

I have items from my childhood that I am not sure I am ready to part with. I have saved them because they carry sentiments, however sometimes it is hard to save everything I want because I do not like clutter! I remember the days when there were garage sales in the neighbourhood, and nowadays with the fast paced digital driven world we seldom see this.

UsedEverywhere.com is a community that started with creating connections when people were trying to giveaway items that they no longer wanted. It is a place to connect, trade, buy, sell, and share. Technology has developed rapidly, expanding neighbourhoods, and making online transactions easy so UsedEverywhere.com has stepped-in to be a family-friendly network of local websites that provides the opportunity to buy, sell, trade and search in a safe environment. 

Since we are doing renovations in our home, I searched for flooring, and was happy to see this deal on cork flooring.

Their motive is to keep stuff out of landfills, and help connect people with their community. UsedEverywhere.com sites bring people together and create real human interaction. This cute video shows how buying and selling items can evoke old memories, with some embarrassing hilarity!
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