December 7, 2014

Gadgets and Gifts for the Home

From stocking stuffers to office parties and hostess gifts, San Francisco based Joseph Enterprises has delivered functional and novelty products to people around the world for almost thirty-five years and releases its “Gift for Everyone on Your List” line just in time for holiday shopping. 
We can bake or simmer without the burn with these comfortable, non-slip silicone grip 'Ove' Gloves that has heat and flame protection. It is made with patented Kevlar and Nomex material, which is the same material used in Firefighter gloves. The official 'Ove' Glove withstands extreme heat up to 540F. The gloves offer an upgrade on protection with an inner latex layer providing triple layer heat, flame and steam protection and five-finger flexibility.

The 'Ove' Glove is not only useful in the kitchen for cooking, baking, barbecuing, or taking things out of the microwave oven, but also to change light bulbs and hot water pipes. It is easy to machine wash in warm water and air dry. Do not use bleach when washing, as it will degrade its performance. It is recommended we wash the glove regularly to preserve the thermal properties of the 'Ove' Glove, and remove the flammable materials that may have accumulated on the surface of the glove. Since the glove is not waterproof use extra caution when using it around hot liquids or steam, if it is wet then make sure it is fully dry before using to avoid injury.
The Clapper is a very useful tool to have at home. It is easy for little ones to put on and off the light safely, and it is a good way to save energy. The Clapper allows us to "clap-on/clap-off" electronics instantly with its sound-sensory activated device. It is convenient to use the clapper in places where the plugs are in hard-to-reach areas. We simply plug the device into the wall to control up to two appliances and never trip in a dark room again. We can either connect our electronics to the 2 claps or 3 clap outlet and activate it with either 2 claps or 3 claps with a half second long pause. The lights glow in sequence when the proper claps are detected. When we are not home, we can set it up on the Away Mode by switching the sensitivity to Away, and the lights will turn on automatically when it detects sounds and stay on for ten minutes before turning off automatically.

Pogo Whisk is handy to have in the kitchen, as it helps us froth drinks, whip cream, and batters. The hand-held Pogo Whisk spins with each push on the handle and helps us blend ingredients with less mess and time. The Pogo Whisk is the perfect kitchen tool for making smoothies, shakes, and scrambled eggs.

Ch- Ch- Ch- Chia Chia Seeds can be sprinkled into or onto some of your favourite dishes. These Chia Seeds that come in re-sealable packaging has a neutral flavour that makes Chia seeds an easy nutritional enhancement to most dishes delivering ALA Omega 3 and fiber for heart health. Chia seeds are also has Calcium for strong bones, and are Vegetarian and Gluten Free. 

These products from Joseph Enterprise are available online and in stores including Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Target, Kmart, Rite Aid, Home Depot and more.

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  1. I have an Ove Glove and it is my oven mitt of preference.

  2. I need the oven glove because I burn myself all the time cooking!

  3. The Ove Globe is so handy! And I love chia seeds, I sprinkle it on just about everything


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