November 30, 2014

Brain: The Inside Story exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre

My family and I went to see the Brain: The Inside Story exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre, which will be free with general admission until March 29th. The exhibition showcases the latest research about the brain, and shows how the brain uses molecular, chemical, and electrical signals to interpret information, weigh decisions and learn at every stage of life. This interactive exhibition gives us a new perspective and insight into our own brains through imaginative art, brain scan imaging, and more.
There are lots to learn from this exhibition. Some hands on learning include Picture: Sound illusion, Build-a-brain, Shape tracing, and more that will engage both children and adults. 

Facts about our brain...
A human brain weights about 3lbs and is mostly made of water.
Every second, a single neuron in the brain may send as many as 1000 signals that zip form neuron to neuron at speeds of up to 402 km/hour.
The brain and the rest of the nervous system run on electricity at low levels. Brain signals involve less than one-tenth the voltage of an ordinary flashlight battery. 

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  1. Great exhibit,love the hands on learning!

  2. Looks like a cool exhibition. Hopefully It comes to Science World

  3. How interesting. I bet kids and parents could learn so much here.

  4. The Ontario Science Center has always had the greatest exhibits. I haven't been there in a few years, but up until we moved out of the city, we went very often. As a kid I went there often as well. So many memories....

    The Brain exhibit looks interesting. We should plan a road trip!

  5. I would've thought the brain weighed way more than 3lbs!


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