October 20, 2014

Making a Felt Soft Ball Inspired by the DK Gift Boutique Quilting Book

I checked out the Quilting Patchwork and Appliqué book by DK publishing, which covers everything we need to know to successfully do quilting, patchwork, and appliqué. I like that the book leads beginners through all the details that helped me to get confidence to try different projects. This book will also inspire those with experience in quilting, as it has over 100 quilt block patterns to make unique keepsakes. I have done a few patchwork projects before, and have made this rectangle cushion with the same material and this denim cushion with different patchwork designs.
The first section of this book explains how we can get started doing this fun and rewarding hobby by explaining the tools, materials, types of fabric, batting, filling, how to measure, and more. Then the book is divided into patchwork, appliqué, and quilting. I liked reading the history of quilting, and learned that quilting is part of many cultures and traditions. 
Each of the three sections explain everything we need to know such as piecing, sewing, intersecting seams, differently types of appliqués, transferring designs, hand and machine quilting, and more. The book has a section with more than 25 projects including full-sized quilts, cushions, bags, personal accessories, sewing accessories, and more for us to practice and get inspired. There are also templates for the project in the book.
I had fun making the Pentagon ball following the instructions on the book, which my children really like playing with. Instead of using cloth for this project I used felt. Initially I attached the bowls or half sections of the ball wrong and then figured it out and reattached it. I find with patchwork if we make a mistake we can easily fix and restart. To make this ball I used…

Different coloured felt 
Soft toy stuffing
Sewing machine
X-Acto knife
Tracing paper
Needle and thread
Using the different textured and coloured felt from Kunin makes this ball look unique and colourful. These felt are made from Eco-fi, which is a high quality fiber made with 100% post-consumer recycled and BPA-free plastic bottles. It is fade resistant and cuts clean without fraying. Depending on the project we can sew or glue it. These felts are available at fabric and craft stores.

I transferred the pentagon design from the book to a freezer paper, then cut out 12 pentagon shapes with felt and attached it following the instructions from the book. Here are the step-by-step pictures of my process.

First trace the template to the freezer paper.
Cut the freezer paper or tracing paper and then use it to trace the image onto the felt.
Then cut using scissors or the X-Acto knife. 
Places the pieces together like this. 
Attach the pieces using a sewing machine or by hand. 
Once the 6 pieces in each bowl are attached make it into a bowl shape and see which sides go together. I used the sewing machine and stitched it wrong side up in all the sides except two of the sides to place the toy stuffing and then stitched the last two edges with a needle and thread.  
I found the clear instructions and photography in the book helpful for me to make this soft toy ball. I am glad that this book inspired me to get started and make my own unique handcrafted designs that I can keep it at home or to give as gifts.
If you are looking to get books like this then check out the DK Canada Gift Boutique as well as detailed reviews of other books and buy these valuable books, which are 30% off for a limited time for either yourself or your loved ones.
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  1. Oh this is sweet. Do you think this would work as a Christmas Ornament? I like to make them with my kids and I like to have special homemade ones for each of them.

  2. What a cute idea! I would love to use some of my daughter's old clothes and blankets to make special items once we are done with them - would be great to have practical items to cherish the memories of her tiny ensembles, and also to have interesting handmade keepsakes to pass down to future generations.

  3. Wonderful idea! I love working with felt.

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    Florence C

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    (Debbie W)

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