September 27, 2014

Cooking on Circulon Pans

Having good pots and pans is a must for every cook. Circulon, a global leader and innovator in non-stick cookware has launched a newly designed Prime Collection that is available exclusively at Canadian Tire. The collection includes: cookware sets, stockpots, skillets, roasters and an electric griddle starting at $49.99. I think this refreshing choice of cookware delivers a wonderful cooking experience. Circulon pans are manufactured and inspected to ensure highest quality standards, and are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal household use for the lifetime of the cookware.
Circulon pans are suitable for induction cooking. The best thing is I can cook on the stovetop and then transfer it to the oven, as the collection is oven safe up to 400F. I like that we can use any type of utensil including metal in this pan, without worrying about scraping the coating of the pan. This cookware collection has a Circulon Total non-stick system that is a patented hi-low circular groove technology that enhances non-stick durability. These groves promote a healthy lifestyle because it allows us to cook food without using oils and fat. I like that these grooves prevent food from sticking to the pot. The pots and pans come with glass lids that are useful to observe the cooking progress without opening the pan. 
I found the handle and lid of the Circulon pans got hot quickly, so make sure to always use precaution when handling the cookware. Never use the handle to lift the pot although it locks in place, always use the side handles. This pot should not be used for deep-frying. I like the six quarter straining stockpot that has an unique lid, which allows me to use either the small holes on the lid to strain small foods and large holes on the lid to strain large foods. Since draining hot liquids can be dangerous, always use precautions and make sure the lid is locked before draining the liquid, and do this always over the sink slowly at a 45 degree tilt and not beyond. To avoid splashing the liquid, pour away from you and not towards you.  
The 3 coat premium non-stick coating does not have PFOA in it. Nonstick cookware with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating can emit fumes which are harmful for birds or small pets in or near the kitchen, however consumers have used these types of products safely without health problems for more than 40 years; and cookware made with Teflon® non-stick coatings is safe for normal kitchen use and is used around the world. These pans are not to be placed under the broiler. 
I cooked a variety of dishes in these pots that turned out well, here is the recipe for shrimp curry. To learn more about Circulon® and the new Circulon Prime range, visit them online at or follow them on Facebook or twitter @CirculonCanada 

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