August 6, 2014

Patchwork Envelope Style Denim Cushions

Finding cushions that suits our decor and style is very difficult, so I enjoy making my own cushions. This envelope style denim cushions are made with an easy patchwork design using leftover fabric.

For this project you will need... 
Denim cloth
Printed fabric cut into shapes
Matching thread 
Sewing machine
First fold the denim cloth to know where the front of your cushion will be. Then place the cut up printed fabric in any way you want on the front of the cushion. I cut it into rectangles and squares and pinned it before stitching the printed fabric pieces to the denim cloth like an appliqué. 
Stitch the hem of the denim cloth, and fold the denim cloth with the patchwork facing inside. Follow the instructions below to make the envelope style cushions and stitch. Here are further instruction on how to stitch envelope style cushions.
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