August 20, 2014

Digital Books For Children

There are lots of useful digital books for children. These interactive digital books are fun to read and encourage our children to think, as well as their literacy. Here is a list of books that you can check out on the app store.
Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library Inside Your Outside teaches children about the human body as they visit the right and left sides of the brain, scuba dive through the blood system, follow food and water through the digestive tract, and more.

Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library: Wish for a Fish plunges from the sunny surface waters to the deepest ocean trenches in search of an amazing array of marine creatures, as children learn about the different life forms found at each level of the ocean as they hop on board the S.S. Undersea Glubber.

Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library: In The Wild! gathers 4 educational adventures to teach kids all about wild animals and their habitats. 
The collection includes Safari, So Good where we will meet big cats and all sorts of other wildlife such as elephants, zebras, giraffes, hippos, warthogs, baboons, and more in Africa. If I Ran the Rainforest is a ride through the understory, canopy, and emergent layers of a tropical rain forest, where we will encounter a host of plants, animals, and native peoples along the way. On Beyond Bugs is about insects such as butterflies, crickets, fireflies, honeybees and more. It talks about their  environment and how insects make everything better for the world around us. Miles and Miles of Reptiles explores the world of reptiles lizards, snakes, turtles, and crocodilians.

Oh, the Things You Can Do That Are Good For You from the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library is about the basics of healthy living. The app covers a broad range of topics including getting enough exercise and sleep, the distance and speed of a typical sneeze, healthy eating, hygiene, drinking water, brushing teeth and more.

Is a Camel a Mammal? from the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library observe many different kinds of mammals from pygmy, shrews, bandicoots and more.

The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Mom is about Brother and Sister bear look for the perfect present to get Mama for Mother's Day. What can the cubs possibly do to show their mom how much they love her on this special day.

Smithsonian Ankylosaurus Fights Back travels back to Cretaceous Period and follow a day in the life of Ankylosaurus who so busy eating that he doesn’t notice the huge T-rex that is watching him. 

Smithsonian Prehistoric Pals Collection takes kids back in time to the prehistoric world to learn all about dinosaurs including the Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and more, plus the Saber-Tooth Tiger and Woolly Mammoth.

Mosasaurus: Mighty Ruler of the Sea is about the daily life of the enormous Mosasaurus as he hunts for a tasty snack underwater

Little Critter ABCs is designed for children ages 2 to 5 to learn the alphabet through engaging illustrations and easy-to-read pages, presenting each letter alongside colourful pictures and light animations.

Mercer Mayer app First Day of School Littler Critter helps young children cope with first day of school jitters, as the story follows Little Critter as he prepares for and enjoys his first day of school.

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  1. I think the digital books are better in a way. It helps the kids be interactive with the books at the same time.

  2. These are great! My daughter would love all of the interactive books! :) Lovely post!


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