July 29, 2014

Our DohVinci Art Class House Party & Giveaway

DohVinci from the makers of Hasbro's Play-Doh comes a new, customizable craft kit that allows our children to have complete control...without the mess! It is very easy to use; all we have to do is insert the deco pop into the styler, close the styler and start creating fun designs. This type of deco is fun for anyone. The best thing is it is easy to clean up, which was awesome when I hosted the DOH VINCI Art Class House Party.
The deco pop design compound sticks to many different surfaces, including wood, glass and plastic. During our house party children got busy decorating on a variety of surfaces. DohVinci lets everyone's creativity pop off everything they decorated. This craft is quite addictive not only for children, but also for adults.
I like that DohVinci allows children to have unparalleled freedom of expression and creativity to design in 3D. DohVinci is easy to do, fun, non-prescriptive, forgivable, customizable, and not at all messy; making it a wonderful kit to do at get-togethers. 
There are inspiring videos on Youtube.com/dohvinci to help us learn basic techniques, tips and tricks. At our house party we gave each of the children their own booklet that quickly inspired them to create a variety of designs.
I set up the table so our guests had a variety to nibble on whenever they wanted something.
We had a refreshing watermelon drink, crackers, fruits, vegetables with dip, and our favourite cornflakes muffins.
My daughter decorated this DohVinci Style and Store Vanity Design Kit a day prior to the party. I also practiced some decorating skills on this kit to become familiar on how to use it before our guests arrived. The kit came with a Styler tool to decorate the mirror and drawer set. The kit also included the five-piece vanity with mirror, add-on flourishes, wavy shaped design tip, two-sided edging tool, four DECO POP colours, and inspiration guide. 
Once the design dried, my daughter has kept her favourite things like costume jewelry, notes and precious items inside it.
Highlights of the projects from the party and projects we created...
We used...
The Deluxe Styler tool that comes with four unique interchangeable design tips to make a star, heart, flower, or butterfly shape. 
The Deco Pops that come in 4 vibrant colours; the “Warm” collection includes Red-iculous, Wink at me Pink, Pop of Purple, and On the Loose Chartreuse. And 4 “Cool” collection colours Hip ‘n Happy Green, Oh My Orchid Purple, You Blue My Mind and Get Real Teal.
The process was the same for all the projects...

  1. Each child chose a DECO POP colour they liked. 
  2. Popped the colour into the Styler. 
  3. Aimed, Squeezed and Designed. 
  4. It hardens over time.
For this Decorated Box, we used...
A wooden box
1 container of all 8 colours
design tips that comes in the Deluxe Styler tool 
For this Fridge Magnet frame, we used...
Wooden fridge magnet frame
1/2 container of 6 colours
wavy shaped design tip
For this Bird house, we used...
Wooden bird house
1 container of all 8 colours
design tips that comes in the Deluxe Styler tool 
For this Clay Pot, we used...
Clay pot
1 container of 6 colours
two-sided edging tool
It started becoming gloomy and rained a little during one point in our party, but everyone was busy indoors decorating.
For this Glass container, we used...
A glass container
little bit of Wink at me Pink, You Blue My Mind and Hip ‘n Happy Green
flower tip and two-sided edging tool
Each of our guests got to take home their creation, a DohVinci Deluxe Styler and DohVinci Deco Pops to continue the fun they had at our home. 
We had an awesome time and can't wait to have another hands-on fun House Party!
Win a DohVinci Style and Store Vanity Design Kit and DohVinci Deco Pop 4 Pack by entering the giveaway through the entry form below. The giveaway is open to everyone in Canada and will end on August 18th.

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  1. I would do the some mason jars then put the lights inside.

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  3. I would help the kids make a beautiful picture frame for their Great-Grandma

  4. I would make a lovely jewelry box.

  5. My son would decorate a frame and make a beautiful portrait :-)

  6. I would let my daughters decorate their money jars with this (they have mason jars for 'piggy banks').

  7. We would create pretty picture frames.

  8. I would get my grandchildren to help me decorate flower pots!

  9. My daughter and I would love to make picture frames.

  10. Looks like lots of fun! I would let my daughter do the decorating! I bet she would love to do a picture frame.

  11. love to make some picture frames with my niece. thankyou, ken pohl19@comcast.net

  12. We would make some personalized name signs for the kids rooms

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  14. I would get the kids to decorate some picture frames.

  15. I would give this to my daughter. She loves working with Doh and she makes some pretty interesting things. Nothing thats been a keeper but just cute stuff.

  16. I would love to decorate a mug :)

  17. How much of this product did you need for a party? How many stylers did you have on hand? I want to outfit a class of students. What would I need?

    1. Hi Julia
      You can get the decor items at craft stores and dollar stores. You will need a styler for each person unless they take turns or work in small groups. The stylers are reusable by loading the colour containers. The colours can be shared among children, they come in packs of four. You can get a pack for each person plus a couple extra. Hope this helps enjoy the party

  18. I LOVE this blog post!!! Thank you for all the inspriation, it looks like your daughter had lots of fun! My daughter and I loves the treasure box!!! I see a fun project in the making from your post! Thank you for the inspiration!


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