July 21, 2014

Books For Children Charlotte in Paris, Fish Finelli and Lifetime

Charlotte in Paris is a fiction book written in a journal format based on historical facts. There are lots of beautiful French impressionist style painting throughout the book. It is a fun book for older children to read. 

Fish Finelli Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles is a summertime series about Norman also known as Fish Finelli trying to take Bryce Billing, a bully's challenge and trying to find Captain Kidd's treasure. This book will be enjoyed by children that like adventures.
Lifetime The Amazing Numbers in Animal Lives is an illustrated book that shows how many times one animal performs one behaviour or grows during its lifetime. There growth depends on circumstances like the weather, habitat, enemies, pollution, hunting, food and more. The accurate estimation for these events given in the book are after research and recorded observation. Some reference such as
  • A spider will spin 1 fragile papery egg sac once during their lifetime.
  • In 1 lifetime a Caribou will grow and shed 10 sets of antlers.
This is a fun book to read along with children. 

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