May 13, 2014

Decorating Picture Frames Using Creative Duct Tape

My children enjoyed the ease of personalizing these picture frames using creative duct tape. These colourful picture frames would be wonderful to give as gifts or use it to decorate a room. This is an easy activity to do and will be enjoyed by children and adults.

For this craft we used...
Decorative duct tape
Wooden frame kit from a craft store or an old frame
scissors or precision knife
craft mat
First clean the surface of the wooden picture frame. 
Then measure and cut the duct tape to cover the sides of the wooden frame. It is better to cover the length side of the picture frame first and place it before cutting the piece for the wide side.
When cutting the duct tape and placing it, we have to do this slowly to prevent the duct tape from sticking together and making sure we place it straight.
I measured and placed the duct tape with the sticky side up and used a precision knife to cut the duct tape.

We can use similar techniques to decorate other items around the home such as framing mirrors, decorating notebooks and more.

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  1. This a fun, really neat idea! So much color and so many patterns of duct tape! Thanks for sharing! My imagination is wondering with ideas of dressing up frames now!

  2. Great idea and so easy to do! Will have to remember this for a rainy day activity! (Judy Cowan)

  3. there are so cute duct tape is getting nicer designs all the time

  4. This is amazing, so colorful & lovely!

  5. Clever idea with the duct tape! How did your find those lovely colorful duct tape? We only have those monotone duct tapes here!

    1. Thank you it is available at Home Depot, craft stores like Michaels

  6. Very lovely idea. Thanks for sharing dear.

  7. This is a creative & fun craft, love the picture frame transformation!

  8. What a nice way to be creative,I love this !

  9. so many patterns you can buy with duct tape these are cute

  10. this looks like a fun and useful project


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