April 27, 2014

Win a copy of Big Book of Kids' Birthday Cakes

It doesn't matter how old we get, our birthdays remain to be a special day. For a child celebrating their birthday with a beautifully structured cake with something they like on it such as dinosaurs or castles will make their day even more special. Although my family and I don't do big birthday celebrations, each year for my children's birthday I enjoy making a cake with their favourite character or liking that tends to change each year. 
While making these cakes over the years, I have learned and discovered many strategies and designs without the need for using moulds etc. This allows me to keep the cost of making the cake less. I have previously made garden themed cakes, dinosaur cakes, cars, ship, and castle cakes. I enjoyed the process and the final outcome of the cakes that also tasted awesome. I checked out the Big Book of Kids’ Birthday Cakes that has lots of inspirations to make handmade, decorative cakes.

Big Book of Kids’ Birthday Cakes written by Pamela Clark offers a variety of creative and delicious birthday cake designs. Parents and children alike will be able to choose the perfect cake from topics that range from fantasy and adventure to animals and playtime. A section of numbers enables parents to truly celebrate their child’s special day by blending their new age with appropriate themes, like a race track in the shape of a four and a friendly giraffe that doubles as the number two. 

Boys and girls will delight in looking through the many colourful and playful options as they attempt to choose their favourite. But with so many wonderful ideas like fairytale characters, elaborate spacecrafts, and enchanting castles choosing just one is no easy task. Other birthday cake designs include comical clowns, stunning scenes, not-so-boring board games and more.

If you live in US and would like to win a copy of this book then enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter below before May 25th. Please follow my social media links and leave comments to be eligible to win. 
Update: The winner is Priya
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  1. I love to bake and get creative.

  2. Its def a wonderful thing to bake our own cakes that too themed cakes are so so good .I am very happy that this giveaway is for US residents .Tahnk u .

  3. I am in US, learning to bake new things, so this will be very good help.

  4. Niagara Falls! I LOVE LOVE LOVE making bday cakes, I've mastered it and started baking just for my kids bdays, I remember my mom making our cakes as kids and I want to pass along the memories to my kids, this would be a perfect book to my cook book collection and a well loved reference for shizzle!


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