April 16, 2014

Digital Books about Spring

In the first ever collection app from the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library: Outside Your Door! contains 4 favourite adventures that teach kids all about nature and the great outdoors. Perfect for springtime, parents can read the titles with their kids then go outside and observe what they have learned. 

The 4 stories in the collection include
-I Can Name 50 Trees Today!
-Fine Feathered Friends
-My Oh My-A Butterfly!
-Oh Say Can You Seed?
A Great Day for Pup!: All About Wild Babies allows children to join Cat in the Hat as he travels all around the globe in search of wild animal babies. Kids will love exploring everywhere from Australia to Antarctica, learning about wildlife with the familiar characters of the Cat in the Hat.
In the book Just A Day at the Pond Little Critter heads off for a summertime day at his grandparents’ farm! He loves to fish the pond and collect frogs, but he doesn't really know how to swim. That is, until with the help of some bees he's kicking and paddling like a pro.
The Berenstain Bears: Sick Days gives a perfect picture of what it’s like for a kid to stay home sick from school. Find out what happens when Mother Bear takes care of Sister Bears while she is sick, which is no small task.
Two educational book apps for the dinosaur-crazed kids. Pteranodon Soars takes kids on an prehistoric adventure, following Pterandon as she soars above the ocean, swooping down to pick up fish to bring back to her babies.
Smithsonian’s Is Apatosaurus Okay? follows the story of an Apatosaurus as he becomes surrounded by a pack of Ceratosaurus while he slowly lumbers toward the stream to eat.

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  1. my little guy is 3 and would enjoy all the digital books you reviewed. thanks for the info :)


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