March 22, 2014

Disney on Ice Let’s Party

Disney on Ice Let’s Party highlighted a variety of celebrations from around the world. Mickey and Minnie travelled to places like Brazil, Japan, China, Hawaii to celebrate many occasions such as Valentines, carnivals, festivals and more. They started off with an “unbirthday party” because it was not anyone’s birthday. Alice, Mad Hatter and other Clubhouse friends joined the party.

After this party Minnie wanted to know about love, so Cinderella’s fairy godmother arranged for all the princesses and princes to come and share their love at the Royal Valentine’s Day Ball. 
At this event, we saw all the Disney couples dance beautifully in colourful costumes. 
Mickey and Minnie wanted to be in the warm tropics of Hawaii and enjoyed a Hawaiian Luau with Lilo and Stitch. The beach atmosphere was fun and upbeat, with wonderful effects. 
Mickey and Minnie also went to Japan for a Sakura festival that marks the arrival of spring in Japan. 
They also celebrated the December holidays, where Goofy came as Santa down the chimney.
Toy Story characters joined the party during the winter wonderland celebration.
They also went to Brazil for a Brazilian Carnival and to China for a Dragon festival.
The eventful Disney on Ice Let’s Party was full of vibrant costumes, music, lights, special effects, backgrounds for each celebration, and lighting kept both children and adults entertained.
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  1. Love Disney On Ice. Too bad that I missed this one.

  2. This looked like a wonderful show! I wish it had come locally!


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