March 18, 2014

Digital Books That Spark Creative Writing

I like Story Panda books that make children think and learn to write books. The stories and drawings open up dialogue, and spark creative writing when children write their own stories on the create mode option. Since the images are drawn in a simple way and the pictures are repetitious it motivates children to draw their own pictures and make up stories. There is also an option to share the stories children write with family and friends.  

Here are some of the new books from Story Panda that is available to download from the app store.
The World's Greatest Ice Cream
Based on the original comic book by George Sfarnas comes a whimsical adventure tale of Bunny One and Bunny Two's search for the world's greatest ice cream. They dig holes, swim across water and climb ladders in search of the illusive ice cream. Luckily for the Bunnies they have plenty of help from friends along the way.
Mila & Penn's Amazing Alphabet Adventure
Loveable characters Mila and Penn journey through the alphabet as they discover eggs with legs and giraffes on roller-skates. This is not your typical ABC's book but rather a beautifully illustrated adventure through words and drawings.
The Trouble With Falling Asleep
Ever have trouble falling asleep? A mysterious sound frightens you at the window. But fear not just use the power of imagination and imagine something that protects you from anything that is scary. From Michele Rosenthal comes a bedtime story just for kids with active imaginations and trouble falling asleep.
Monsters vs. Kittens 
A fully interactive storybook app about the differences and similarities of monsters and kittens. This playful tale is brought to life through the illustration of Dani Jones and from the mind of legend Stan Lee. Meet the whole group of monsters and their little kitten friends.

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  1. My daughter received a Kobo Mini from my mom and her husband for Christmas this past year. She reads off of it for an hour every night before bed and every morning before school while she eats breakfast. I love the digital books.

  2. these digital books would be wonderful for young readers!

  3. My 11 year old twin nieces each got one for Christmas and loves it and reading alot! Anything to get them excited about reading!
    via Rhonda W G.

  4. I rarely read digital books with my son. This, and that adorable picture The trouble with falling asleep, has reminded me I should!!


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