March 30, 2014

Action! with Toy State

It is all about action this month with Toy State as they celebrate their 30th anniversary. The new spring line toys encourage active play with exciting features of light, sound, and motion that children and parents who enjoy playing with cars are sure to enjoy :) These good quality toys will not only keep our children entertained, but also physically and cognitively active.
Highlight of the new toys:
Road Rippers Rev Up Monsters have prehistoric styling with rev-up driving action that children will roll forward to rev-up. 
My son's favourite part of this toy is the spin action while it stands on the rear two wheels. This Road Rippers toy is sold for $4.99 is for children over 3.
My son really enjoys CAT toys that look like the real construction vehicles. He really enjoys detaching the trailer carrying a CAT Mini Mover in this Truck and Trailer dump pulling wheel loader. He also likes the ramp on the trailer to unload the mover.
This classic CAT machine has freewheeling driving. Each set features flashing lights, fun vocal phrases and realistic sound effects sold for $14.99 for children age 3 and up.
My children enjoyed playing with the Stunt FX Crash through the ice Hot Wheels. There are two ways to play this motorized loop car, we can either do an ice-breaking stunt or do off ramp action. Children will enjoy speeding up the ramp, triggering the ice shards then crashing through the ice wall in Hot Wheels style ramp sets. Setting up the ice shards each time could have been easier with a couple of pieces since the four pieces are a little tricky to setup and play. 
Other theme sets launch flaming barrels or crush a house. Each set sold for $14.99 includes a motorized vehicle featuring realistic sound effects, cool light effects and exciting music that is perfect for children over 3. Keep update about ToyState and Road Rippers toys on their Facebook pages. They are on twitter as well. Check out more pictures of these toys on ToyState and Road Rippers Instagram. 

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  1. My son would love these . They look so cool

  2. My son would love these toys! will have to buy some for easter!

  3. my nephew would love all these toys! He loves tractors and he would love them for easter! I will have to check them out!

  4. My son loves Road Rippers. Dinosaur plus race car equals lots of fun!

  5. My son would love that monster truck dino car. He is definitely in that car phase right now.


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