February 14, 2014

Our Plans to Visit Montreal

image from micasa site
I have been to Montreal as a child and enjoyed it very much, and have thought of taking my children so they can sight-see. When I went to Montreal, I remember seeing downtown Montreal, the museum, the Olympic Stadium and a few markets.

My family and I are thinking of driving to Montreal, which would take about 6 hours from Toronto. Montreal being a cosmopolitan metropolis that is known for its cultural and commercial vitality, I am sure there are lots of hidden gems to explore. The first place, I plan to go and take pictures is at the famous Mount Royal. 

Although we are not planning on moving, out of curiosity I checked out the availability of diverse Montreal housing and enjoyed looking through the vast choices of homes on this site. 

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  1. I have gone a couple times . Enjoyed the Carnivale in the winter and LaRhonde in the summer . I went on an exchange in grade school . Have a great tome.

  2. My daughter is going to Montreal in July for the Comedy Festival. She wants me and her Dad to met her there. The plan right now is we will join her there. I have never been there but always wanted to go. I don't think we will be going to the Festival but will definitely be doing a lot of site seeing.

    Florence C

  3. I grew up in Montreal and still feel it's home. Enjoy!

  4. I love going to Montreal -- it's a nice little getaway from Toronto.

  5. Never been, but I've always wanted to go in the summer. They have such amazing summer festivals!


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