February 14, 2014

New Cultural Exploration Reveals Surprising Truths About Modern Day Relationships

A new cultural exploration by global advertising agency Leo Burnett reveals the lyrics to the age-old children’s playground song “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage” may have reached their expiration date. Today’s romantic relationships don’t come with a guidebook, timeline or predestined result.

“Relationships are like culture and technology, always evolving and always in motion, in real time,” said Mick McCabe, Leo Burnett’s chief strategy officer. “In some ways, relationships offer a window to broader culture at a particular point in time.” 

Exploring this notion, Leo Burnett unveiled Humans Being™ Relationships, which is an interactive, online platform providing cultural analysis, research findings, expert interviews and conversations with real people on the state of relationships in 2014. It’s part of advertising agency Leo Burnett’s commitment and interest to understanding the changing face of human behaviour, and the ever-changing, and never-changing, human condition. 

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