February 17, 2014

Expressing With Art

Art is a form of expression that allows us to easily convey our thoughts and feelings. From the first time we draw a dot or scribble as a baby to now when we draw a picture or take a photograph, we are trying to tell a story, express our thoughts and emotions to another person. We have all heard of the saying that a picture says a thousand words. 

Receiving a piece of art work from a child, a friend or purchasing one to display in our home or office brings us joy or reminds us of something or someone. When my children present me with their creative expressions, I like to save it and see how their drawings have changed as they grow up. I think art can change a person's thought or feelings toward an issue, and eventually change the world.
Get involved:
  • On April 4th you can be part of a silent auction and buy art from notable Canadian artists. The auction is hosted by a non-profit organization Buy Art Not Kids or B.A.N.K. volunteers and Havergal College of Toronto to raise awareness and funds for Ratanak Internation to abolish child trafficking in Cambodia. The tickets to the event cost $75. The event is held at Havergal College 1451 Avenue Road, Toronto ON, M5N 2H9
  • If you are not in the Greater Toronto Area, you can donate online at B.A.N.K. 
  • Join the twitter party on March 20th with the hashtag #BuyArtNotKids and win prizes.

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