January 13, 2014

Check This Impressive New Dishwashing Finish® Power & Free™ For Yourself

I really enjoyed using the new dishwashing solution from Finish® that requires no compromise in allowing our dishes to be sparkling clean. It truly makes me feel good knowing that fewer harsh chemicals have helped us to achieve those same great results.
Finish® Power & Free™ uses Hydrogen Peroxide Action™ that combines water and active oxygen to give us the unbeatable clean and shine that we expect from our dishwashing detergent, with less harsh chemicals than ever before. There is no chlorine bleach, dyes or fragrance in this product, which I am pleased with. The Pre-soaking powerball in it breaks down to lift away even the 24 hour dried-on food and the Power Gel washes away residues and gives a shine.
For all this wonderful action to take place all we have to do is place one pre-measured capsule in our main detergent cup for each wash load, set the dishwasher to a full cycle and start. It is important that the Quantum and the detergent cup are dry since the wrapper free capsules release their contents when they come into contact with water. There are 16 capsules that equals to 1.67kg of powder or 1.39L of gel. My only wish is that the product comes in a more easily accessible container, so it is easy to store and take out comfortably. 
I am more than pleased with my experience trying the new Quantum® Finish® Power & Free™ dishwashing capsules. The difference of using this capsules cannot be missed, it was not difficult for everyone in my home to tell which of these glasses were washed using Finish® Power & Free™. 
The one in your right hand side is washed with Quantum® Finish® Power & Free™

Check out the Finish® Power & Free™ line-up of products (Quantum®, Powerball®, and Jet-Dry®) and get a sample and try it for yourself by visiting the Finish Facebook

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  1. I will be looking for this product the next time I need dishwasher detergent. I find the chemical smell when I start my dishwasher really strong. I'd like to use something with less harsh chemicals.


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