January 22, 2014

Adding A Little Sunshine

We in Canada do not get as much vitamin D in the winter because the sun's angle changes, and the UV rays that make vitamin D does not reach us. It is known that without vitamin D, calcium levels in our blood drops. To maintain the calcium level our bodies borrow needed calcium from our bones. This can cause the bones to become fragile. Deficiency in vitamin D also has other negative impacts to our health.  We can get vitamin D naturally by eating food such as fatty fish, egg yolk, fortified milk.

Since having a little bit of sunshine is important for us, we could do the following...
Get a Soleil sun alarm clock that has the same features of the traditional alarm clock, but also stimulates natural sunshine. Waking up to light is known to be better than waking up to sound, and it has been known to increase energy levels, help people with seasonal affective and sleep disorders.
If you enjoy Kellogg's cereal then you can purchase cereals that have been fortified with vitamin D. The 12 cereals include Krave Double Chocolate, Cinnamon Pops, Crispix, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Krave Chocolate, Corn pops, Mini-Wheats Little Bites Cocoa and Original and the three varieties of Rice Krispies. 
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