November 5, 2013

Travelling via Emirates

This summer when we travelled to Sri Lanka we travelled by Emirates via Dubai. We travelled from Toronto to Dubai on the Airbus A380.  
Travelling via Emirates was fun because of the spacious seats. I like that we can put the seat hand resting part up and allow children to sleep flat. We enjoyed their ice entertainment that kept us busy during our long journey.
We liked the feature of being able to call between the seats with the phone from our seat. There were plenty of washrooms in the A380 flight, which was convenient with the little ones. I also liked that we could walk and get paper cups and water from the fountain if we needed it.
My children were happy that they got Monster University themed toys and activities to do, which kept them a little busy. 
The food wasn't great. I only enjoyed a couple of meals served; one was the breakfast when we were close to Sri Lanka that had their traditional kiribath, chicken curry and sambol. The other was Middle Eastern rice and curry. All the other meals were bland and didn't have any flavour, even the dessert was not tasty.
When we left Toronto, we had an 8 hour transit so we got to stay at a hotel that was arranged by Emirates. We got a ride back and forth from the airport to the hotel. The hotel stay had a complementary meal, which we enjoyed and was able to rest and freshen up before leaving to catch the flight for the rest of our journey to Colombo.
When we were leaving Colombo to Toronto; 4-6 hour journey our long eight hour transit was accommodated with meal vouchers. We found the washroom facilities at the Dubai Airport clean. Shopping duty free was also fun, although it was costly :)
Although, Emirates advertisement show their well uniformed air hostess look friendly, we only found a couple among the crews of 4 different planes during our journey to be friendly. There were barely a smile or pleasure when they were serving. I just wish they would treat each passenger with courtesy and in a welcoming manner not just one among the many passengers.
They were a few delays, which is hard when we travel with little ones and the boarding of passengers were not smooth so we felt like we were waiting around for long periods of time. 
I also was disappointed with their luggage allowance for economic class coming from Asia to North America they only allow 23 kg. However, when we went from Toronto to Colombo we were able to take 30 kg. 
Overall, it was good flight although it would have been more pleasurable if the staff and meal was good.
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  1. I have always wanted to fly Emirates first class! Great airline!

  2. Wow! What an amazing adventure! I'm jealous!

  3. Great for u, I am not sure I would ever take such a long flight with a 3 year old ;)

  4. I shall be going to India next month. Hopefully, Air India ould be enjoyable with the kids.........have had mixed experiences with it but I guess all airlines have their pros and cons. Thankfully, AI allows two pieces of luggage per passenger. The food has also been good the last two times I travelled with it.

  5. thanks for all the interesting information and facts from your trip

  6. Wow...what a long journey! For such a long trip you would hope that the flight staff would be pleasant and accommodating with better than average food. We took our girls on their first flight this summer - not nearly as far as you though! We travelled from Toronto to Vancouver!

  7. Wow, what an amazing experience!!! Beautiful pictures!! I've never heard of anyone that like the food on a plane....


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