November 1, 2013

Tasty DK Books

I really enjoy DK cookbooks because they have step-by-step instructions that benefits all those who enjoy baking or cooking. Whether we are planning a menu for a multi-course party, or thinking of making a quick tasty meal the Tasty DK Boutique has us covered with a variety of books, take advantage of their limited time 30% off sale. 
I like the colourful Step-by-Step Cake decorating book, which has 20 projects that we can make for any occasion. The book has details and pictures of different techniques on how to do icing, piping, stencilling, painting and cutting. It also gives us recipes on how to make unique cupcakes and cake pops that home bakers will enjoy making to impress family and friends.
Pies Sweet and Savoury book has lots of recipes that shows up to make traditional pies to trendy mini-pies using ingredients we have at home and using seasonal ingredients.  
I also enjoy their paperback books such as Sushi and Curry Cuisine because these books show us methods and tips to make authentic dishes. 
The Curry Cuisine book has mild to hot recipes from Malaysia to North India. I tried a couple of dishes; a quick naan bread and a chicken curry, in both recipes I had to adjust the ingredients to our liking. However, the guidelines and the inspiration are wonderful. The problem with the naan recipe I tried it was quick, but wasn't has soft as I would have liked.
I like making sushi at home and this Sushi book with techniques is very useful, as it give details on how to make a variety of sushi at home with fresh ingredients using the correct equipment. The book shows us all the basics, presentations and explains about different types of fish, how to choose the fish and fillet it, and also about different types of sushi preparations such as scattered sushi, stuffed sushi, pressed roll and more.
These DK books would make wonderful gifts, so do take advantage of their sale.

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  1. oh,,I would love to have the Pies Sweet and Savoury book! Yummy!

  2. I love anything to do with baking. The pictures are lovely too.


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