November 11, 2013

Handful of Bricks Challenge #LEGOPlay

To celebrate the publication of the LEGO Play Book, DK Canada has challenged the other DK offices in UK, USA, China, India, Germany, South Africa, Spain and Australia to the LEGO 10 Minute Handful of Bricks challenge. 

This challenge is inspired by the Handful of Bricks Challenge that appears throughout the LEGO Play Book where LEGO Fan Builders have 10 minutes to build something from just a few basic bricks. We don’t need a ton of LEGO to have fun.
DK is asking people around the world to vote on their favourite challenges between now and Dec 1st. We can also send pictures of what we build in 10 minutes and share the pictures via our social media pages using the #LEGOPlay hashtag. 
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  1. I have 2 girls and their love of lego started with some hand me down bricks. My 2 girls are super girlie and now have a few Lego Friends sets - and they play for hours!

  2. What a cool challenge!


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