November 29, 2013

Celebrating Snoopy with You Can Be Anything Digital Book Giveaway

We are big fans of Snoopy and Peanuts, and excited to announce Story Panda's You Can Be Anything Snoopy themed digital book. This book encourages children to think about all the awesome things they can be and teaches them that sky is the limit. Snoopy is the star of the show in this new iPad book app for kids. Charles M. Schulz’s You Can Be Anything story is a great way to talk to our children about their future and what they want to be.
The fully interactive iPad app includes animations, sounds, 3D effects and voiceover narration. It also features a Create Mode where kids can personalize the heartfelt message. Children can add their own names to the book to explore the endless possibilities of all the amazing things they can be. Plus on every page, families can change Snoopy’s costumes to add flair to their very own story. From an astronaut to a lawyer to just plain cool, the many faces of Snoopy serve as inspiration for kids everywhere.

My daughter in grade 3 enjoys digital books from Story Panda because it allows her to read the books and then create her own story. She enjoys sharing the stories she made with her friends and all our family by email and through Twitter and Facebook. There are sounds and animations that children will enjoy while reading these digital books. 
As a parent, I really like that these books encourage vocabulary, imagination, creative writing, writing skills and story telling skills. The stories encourage children to create their own stories and help build and strengthen their language skills.

Here are other Story Panda books we checked out that you would enjoy as well by downloading it through iTunes. 
In Scratch & Sniff: Pet Investigators when we change the clue, we change the criminal. Who stole Boomer's chew toy? When flaky tomcat Scratch and dogged bloodhound Sniff are on the case, no furry felon is safe to commit their crimes. 
This is what the original story said.

This is my daughter's version that she sent to me by email.
This little book is about Timmy Tompkins is about Timmy's love for comic books, especially ones with superheroes. Timmy wants to be a superhero, like the ones in his favourite books so he could show the bullies at school once and for all. Although the book doesn't give any solutions on what children can do, it opens up conversations on what our children can do in these types of situations at school.
From Anorak Magazine, My Extraordinary Friend is a story about not always believing rumours. Kids will learn that a little bit of boldness can result in a new friendship. This wonderful book taught us not to believe in rumours and it is best to find out the truth for our self.
Lucy the goose goes on an incredible adventure as she flies south for the winter. Along the way, she discovers some of the world's most spectacular landmarks. This book is a wonderful way to learn about geography. Lucy discovers that it is more fun to explore the world with loved ones beside her in this fun to read Lucy's First Flight.
Paul The Imaginary is a story about treating all friends equally, even if they are imaginary. Kids will learn the value of sharing and friendship. The main hero, Spencer, learns a valuable lesson about including all his friends in fun activities.
In celebration, we made banana bread in Snoopy themed cupcake liners. These Snoopy cupcakes liners are available in Snoopy and Friends Cupcake kit that includes 200 cupcake liners, 36 flag toppers and 5 classic cupcake and frosting recipes. This would be a wonderful gift to give Peanuts fan, as they will enjoy presenting their cupcakes featuring Snoopy and friends. It also comes with a couple of funny Peanuts cartoons. 
If you would like to read this fun You Can Be Anything Snoopy themed Story Panda digital book then enter this giveaway through the rafflecopter below and I will send you the code to download it for free and read it on your iDevice.
This giveaway is open worldwide until December 10th. Please leave comments and follow my social media networks to be eligible to win. 
Update: The winner is Shailaja

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  1. Yes I do I have an iPad and iPhone and it will be my grandson who will enjoy it.

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  5. I have an ipod touch and my wife would love this. She's a big peanuts fan. Can I ask where you pick up the snoopy cupcake set? I think she would love it.

    1. the cupcake kit is available to purchase online
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  6. I have an ipad. My son enjoy very well.


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