October 29, 2013

Our Adventurous Safari at Minneriya National Park

minneriya sri lanka
We went to see the elephants gathering at Minneriya National Park one morning during our vacation in Sri Lanka, close to the North Central Province. Minneriya is known to be a place where hundreds of Asian elephants lead by matriarchs gather and assemble along the banks of the reservoir. 
minneriya sri lanka
This "Gathering" at Minneriya tank has been rated as the 6th world's greatest wild life phenomenon by the Lonely Planet's Greatest Wildlife Spectacles. The Minneriya tank is a reservoir built by King Mahasen in the 3rd century AD.
minneriya sri lanka
We were lucky to spot elephants, deer, fox, wild fowls, wild buffalos, monitors, herons and other variety of birds. 
minneriya safari sri lanka
The tour is given in open safari jeeps where we can stand if we wish. It is a fabulous way to absorb and observe the adventurous nature and take pictures. We must stay inside our assigned jeeps and listen to the instructions of the trackers for our own safety. 
minneriya elephant sri lanka

minneriya fox sri lanka

minneriya deer sri lanka

minneriya monkey with its baby
A monkey with its baby

wild fowl sri lanka
Colourful wild fowl

minneriya peacock

minneriya heron sri lanka

minneriya giant squirrel sri lanka
Giant squirrel

minneriya safari sri lanka
We did have an out of the ordinary experience when our jeep stalled close to the tank. This required the driver to call for assistance and ask another jeep to restart the engine. Since the wild elephants were not too far we were a little nervous, but excited :) 
minneriya safari sri lanka
The beautiful sights and memorable experience that we get during this eco-tourism safari is a must when we are in Sri Lanka. You never know what is awaiting around the end of the bend.
minneriya safari sri lanka
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  1. What a beautiful park. all that wildlife is amazing!

  2. Debbie White-BeattieOctober 25, 2018 at 5:17 AM

    I love how the animals are free to roam the way it should be and not in a zoo or worse. They're all beautiful creatures !


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