September 4, 2013

Garden Harvested Stir Fry Makes a Delicious Side Dish

stir fry
When the routines of going back to school and cooler weather starts, preparing delicious healthy dinner meals can sometimes become difficult. However, I try my best to make something that everyone in my family enjoys. This easy to make delicious side dish stir fry goes well with bread, rice, couscous etc.
garden vegetables
To prepare this capsicum, tomato and meat stir fry I used the delicious tomatoes and green bell pepper that grew in our garden. *I used dried meat; you can use fried slices of meat or avoid using meat for this recipe. 

1 tbsp olive oil 
1/2 cup onion sliced 
1 cup tomatoes sliced 
2 capsicum or green bell pepper sliced without seeds 
1/4 cup of sliced cooked dry meat * 
1/2 tsp salt 

Heat the oil, then sauté the onions with the salt until the onions get soft. Then add the tomatoes, capsicum and the sliced meat.

It doesn't have to get cooked too long because the pepper should have a crunch and the meat is already cooked. 

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  1. really easy thanks alot

  2. really easy thanks alot

  3. Simple yet delicious! Thank you!

  4. Mmmm! Gotta love a great stir-fry!

  5. looks great, so good to grow your own veggies

  6. I enjoy stir fries . Thanks for the easy recipe.

  7. (Garden Harvested Stir Fry Makes a Delicious Side Dish) I plant a big garden every year too. You just cannot beat the taste of a home grown tomato.

  8. This stir fry looks so delicious I love anything with tomatoes


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