July 21, 2013

Summer Reading Adventures with DK Readers

I have always found DK Readers to be very useful in encouraging and teaching my children to read in English. I like that the DK Readers have stunning photographs and illustrations, which make the context in the books interesting. We enjoy the engaging, age appropriate stories and information found in these books. The DK Readers are separated into five different levels that enable children to progress in their reading skills. 

The five DK Reader levels are...
Pre-level to read books encourage the love for reading as it has beautiful pictures that show high frequency words with picture word strips. 
These books give information about a variety of topics that interest children. We chose books about dinosaurs and trucks, as it interests my son who is starting to read. I find choosing books in topics that children like, encourage them to talk about it and think.
The Beginning to Read Level 1 books have simple sentences with limited vocabulary, so children can read with the help of an adult. Books like the above, Homes Around The World allow children to think and converse about things outside their community. It also encourages them to learn about different people and places in the world.
Level 2 Beginning to read alone books have longer sentences and increased vocabulary. The fun facts in these level books encourage children to learn more about topics that interest them i.e. Star Wars.
Level 3 reading alone books have more complex sentence structures. The books like Polar Bear Alert and Extreme Sports let children explore about topics they don't know too much about. 
Level 4 book are for proficient readers, as it has advanced vocabulary and challenging sentence structures.

When I read these different, interesting DK readers to my children I always learn something new as well. There are over 150 books level DK Readers titles for us to choose from. During the DK Summer Reading Adventures boutique, we can buy 2 readers and get 1 for free.
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  1. My son was on a reading program something like this when he was younger, it really helped.

  2. We don't own any of these, but we get them from the library every week. My son loves the train one

  3. Sounds like an awesome reading program

  4. I'm impressed with the quality of the photos in these books.
    My rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  5. My 7 year old daughter is a book worm. She reads every night for 30 mins in bed. We started this with her young and it's become a bit of a habit now. We started when she was about 2-2 1/2.. picture books at first then words... she's entering grade 2 now and reads at a grade 5 level, the school is very impressed. We take her to our local library to get her books, they are very expensive to buy on a regular basis!


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