July 2, 2013

Gro Anywhere Blinds Makes It Night Time Even When It Is Light Outside

The Gro Anywhere Blind by Gro Company, a UK based global nursery brand is an important tool to have in every home, especially for a home with little ones and light sleepers. A dark room mentally prepares my family and I for bedtime. I find it is easier to put my children to bed when the room is dark, as it makes them think it is time to sleep. This blind has a made a big positive difference for us.
Usually in the summer, I have a difficult time enforcing bedtime as it is light outside even at 9 in the night. It is also a problem to make my children believe that it is still night when it becomes light by 4:30 in the morning. These Gro Anywhere portable blackout blind has been a solution to our problem. 
The blind is made with premium black out material and fits a maximum size of 130cm x 200cm window. The new Gro Anywhere blind have stars and moon designs on the fabric. We can easily adjust the blind to make it fit a smaller window by gathering the excess material in the width and drop, and then fastening it with the buttons. 
The blind attaches directly to clean glass with its suction cups. If the suction cups fall, moisten the suckers to attach. We have to remove each sucker individually, then fold and keep it aside until we use it again. We can use the blind at home, and also take it with us when we go on trips, overnight stays and vacation in the travel bag it comes with.   
My family and I have become dependent on this portable blackout blind, as it transforms our children's room from light to dark instantly. I think we will have use for this blind even when our children grow up, after all many of us have trouble sleeping when it is light outside. For more information on this blind visit the distributor oyaco.com
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  1. looks awesome would love to try this

  2. Wow! I honestly believe this will become the new 'must have' among parents. This thing is amazing and works extremely well. A friend of mine has one and she swears by it!

  3. Still the amount that comes through will be unnoticeable. blackout blinds

  4. Nurseries are frequently fitted with darkening blinds as to not disturb a sleeping baby. white blackout curtains


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