July 8, 2013

Boxwave Accessories For My Nokia Lumia 920 Phone

I use my Nokia Lumia 920 phone a lot on the go, and always fear that it will drop because it is a little slippery without a case. To avoid it from falling or getting damaged it is important to have a good quality case and screen protector. After all a good phone is a good investment.
We can easily purchase all our mobile device accessories online from Boxwave. I am using the Boxwave Resolute OA3 Case for my Nokia Lumia 920 phone. This case gives three layers of protection to my phone. The first layer is a soft, rip-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane edge lining that gives us a better grip when handling the phone. The built-in plugs on this case keeps our charging connector and headphone jack sealed from getting dust and dirt. I like the reinforced bumper corners that gives the phone extra protection. The second layer is the hard polycarbonate exoskeleton that joins with the first layer to provide solid structure and support. The third layer is a rubberized shock absorption guard that is molded to the second layer. 
I like the kickstand on the back that can be opened to leave the phone in a landscape position so we can enjoy videos hands free. I like the functional aspect as well as how the phone looks with this case. 
I also put the ClearTouch Anti Glare screen protector on my phone, as I didn't want to regret any scratches on the screen. I use my phone, while I am doing crafts or cooking as well so it is possible for it to get dirty a little, so having the screen protector gives a piece of mind and protects the screen from fingerprints, dust and scratches. I like the antiglare on the screen as it reduces the glare when I am using the phone under bright sun light and harsh light. This glueless ClearTouch Anti Glare screen protector made with firm, hight quality dual-layered film comes in a 3 pack.
As much as my Kanex Sydney reminds me to charge my phone at home, while on the road it is always a problem when the phones and mobile devices run out of battery. This Dual Micro High Current Car Charger allows us to charge two devices at one time, which is very useful to have when we go on road trips. This car charger can be used to charge phones and other mobile devices that have a USB cable.  
I like how Boxwave values customer feedback and changes and improves their selection of products. It is easy to see the selection and shop online at Boxwave for all our mobile device accessories.

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  1. This is the ticket for my hubby. He is always dropping his device. One of these days, he will not find all the pieces.
    (Debbie W)

  2. Looks like a great set of accessories, I do not have any good one so rely on your expertise.

  3. Thanks for making me aware of this product!


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