June 19, 2013

My Family's Dental Health Routine: Our trip to Shoppers Drug Mart

Collective Bias #cbias #shop is sponsoring this post for me to share my family's dental care routine. To share more information about our practices, I purchased Colgate dental products from Shoppers Drug Mart. Having good dental hygiene is very important to my family and I. We take lots of precautions and care to avoid teeth problems by doing the following.
  • We try to stick with good quality dental products.
  • Use a proper brush, and change it about every couple of months when the bristles get worn out.
  • The adults in my home floss at least once a day and use mouthwash occasionally.
  • We visit our dentist every 6 to 9 months for routine checkups.
Despite our best efforts, we do have the occasional filling that requires the dentist to help. :)
From the time my children started to have their first teeth or two, I encouraged them to brush by imitating my husband and I. This made it easy for them to make it part of their routine in the morning and night before bedtime to brush and clean their mouth. We talk about cavities, germs that could be harmful if we don't brush properly and clean our entire mouth. I read library books about dental care to my children, which encourages them to think about their teeth and hygiene. I think this process of talking and learning about our teeth helps them care for their teeth and make it a regular part of their lives. 

I buy toothbrushes that have my children's favourite cartoon characters printed on, which gives them an extra boost to enjoy brushing. My children get very excited about new dental care products, and for the first few days they brush more often than they need to :)

We shop for our dental hygiene products at Shoppers Drug Mart because of convenience and to gain their points. Before going to shop, I look for sales on their weekly flyers and buy a few extras to keep in stock. I find the arrangement of the aisles easy to find what I am looking for. The price on the bottom of each product helps me make a choice. 
I tend do browse the aisles and do a little bit of research before purchasing my products. Since there are a lot of variety, sometimes I am not sure what to purchase. I think it would be better if there is some extra information such as a chart or guide to help us choose the best product for our need.
We buy Colgate toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash from Shoppers Drug Mart. I like the collection of Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes at Shoppers. I wish the Shoppers close to our home carries the Colgate floss. The ease of going to get the complete package of dental care from Shoppers Drug Mart attracts me to buy the products. Check out my entire experience and pictures on my Google+ album.
I believe that healthy teeth make us feel better and smile more :)
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  1. I believe it is Colgate that sends free booklets, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. I just got my kit. Thanks Colgate
    Dentist in Chatsworth CA

  2. I like Shoppers Drugmart too for my dental hygiene. The toothbrushes and accessories are so much more advanced than my children had. The education of dental health is also much for advanced than in my day.

  3. I use Colgate as my toothpaste, but I have no memories of my parents giving as dental education - just made sure we brushed twice a day

  4. We use colgate as our toothpaste, but I have no memory of our parents giving us dental education - just made sure we brushed twice a day

  5. Isn't it true about how much kids love to brush right after they get a new brush!

  6. @Tennille - very true, and it's good for them too to have new brushes.


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