June 30, 2013

Healthy Options to Eat Food On The Go at Toronto's Harbourfront

There is a fresh new food option and concept from Blue Goose for us to enjoy at Toronto's Harbourfront until October 2013. The three shipping containers designed from Montreal based, Muvbox is sourced from sustainable materials and use solar power. The Common Goods containers give us different, organic options to try when we are on the go. It is a wonderful atmosphere to meet up colleagues, friends and family to enjoy the delicious food. I tried the delicious lobster roll and the fabulous hibiscus drink. 

The lobster roll was delicious and had a mild flavour. The lobsters were from northern Quebec. It was mixed with mayo, celery, salt, pepper and was sold in a delicious bread. This filling lobster roll would be enjoyed by adults and children. 
I really enjoyed the flavourful pomegranate, hibiscus ginger ale that aids digestion. I wish the clam chowder didn't have bacon on it, which prevented me from tasting it. 
The beef, chicken and seafood that are used in the Blue Goose menu are raised according to organic practices from the beginning to the end. The animals are raised in cage-free environments, with access to the outdoors. The livestock are not fed animal by-products, hormones or antibiotics. The Blue Goose chickens are fed 100% vegetable diets and are certified organic, natural and halal by the company.
The Blue Goose menu gives us healthy options to enjoy when we are at Toronto's waterfront either strolling or going on a cruise.
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  1. i have to check this place out!

  2. I always wonder how these food trucks or stores on the side give that good food...some have "Q" lined up for the taste...loved your writing


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