June 26, 2013

Energy Efficiency Importance Rises 116 Percent

3000 commercial, industrial and institutional facilities decision makers from 10 different countries worldwide were part of Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Indicator SurveyJohnson Controls is the global leader in delivering solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings. The 2013 results shows energy efficiency interest has increased 116% globally since 2010, as many believe that it is a good investment for the company. I believe this is true, as even we as a family have done many things to make energy efficient decisions, and always set goals and think of new ways to reduce our energy use. 
Momentum is growing for green-building certification and green-tenant space leasing, as many companies make commitments and publicly announce their goals that help them to conserve energy. The companies that set goals  implemented 50% of more efficiency and renewable energy measures than organizations without goals. Many companies cite a lack of funding and uncertainty over government reform was to be their biggest barrier to purse more energy efficient methods. 
Dave Myers, president of Johnson Controls Building Efficiency said, “We need public policies and private investment to work together to reduce the market’s uncertainty and capture this year’s momentum toward a more energy efficient global economy.”

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