May 7, 2013

My Children's Fondness for Geronimo Stilton

My children are very fond of Geronimo Stilton. I introduced the fun stories of Geronimo Stilton to my children through the comic collection by papercutz. Both my children enjoy listening to and looking through the colourful images of these graphic novels, which allow them to imagine the story more easily. 

I think graphic novels are lovely way to encourage children to read, especially because the pictures keep our children entertained. I feel that this allows us to imagine and identify the characters more easily, which makes the stories more interesting. 
I enjoy reading these books with my children, and think it would be a wonderful series of books that the whole family will like reading. I like the jokes in the stories and find some of the situations similar to our reality. 
After being introduced to the comics, my daughter enjoys reading the Geronimo Stilton chapter books in English and French because they are funny and have a collection of wonderful stories. 
I think Geronimo Stilton comic and chapter books would be a good addition to have in our home library, as these books will encourage reading and imagination. My children also like to explore the world of Geronimo Stilton online.
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