May 23, 2013

Freshening up our indoor air

I believe having fresh comfortable air in our indoor space is very important, so we can stay healthy. It is important to have fresh breathable air in our home especially when the weather gets really hot. Having a unit like this 3-in-1 portable air-conditioner, fan and dehumidifier will be very helpful, as it helps circulate the indoor air.

I also like having fragrant colognes available in our home and car to freshen up the air quickly. I always use colognes, perfumes, air-fresheners, and incense sticks that have floral and cinnamon scents to bring warm, fresh, exotic feel to our indoor space, as it helps us relax. I also like collecting decorative containers and diffuser to display around our home.  
The decorative catalytic burner from Lampe Berger Paris helps make the indoor air cleaner and fragrant by removing unpleasant odours. They have wonderful home fragrance such as lavender that will help purify and freshen up our indoor air. 
Good air quality helps reduce stress, and relaxes our body. So I think it is important for us to have good indoor air quality, which will benefit our immune system, concentration, and well being.

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  1. Great ways to freshen up air! We can't have fragrances in our home anymore due to daughter's asthma, but our dehumidifier and air conditioner help a lot. And a HVAC system really helps too!


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