May 6, 2013

Cushe® footwear makes us happy

Cushe® pronounced "cushy" says "happiness" to me :) We are definitely happy with these shoes, as they are comfortable, cozy, modern and unique. I like the detailed artistic designs on their shoes, which I can't stop admiring.
Cushe® footwear has a wide range of designs for men and women. These shoes conform our foot's natural shape that makes it comfortable to wear for long hours. The quality and stability of the footwear makes it a good investment.  
My husband really likes the comfort of wearing his surf slipper kick that is made with full grain soft leather on the upper part of the shoes. The lining inside the shoe is ventilated mesh with microfiber sock, which is perfect for the warm seasons. The midsole is made with lightweight phylon moulded EVA and the rubber sole is good for shock absorption and comfort. The outsole of these shoes are made with moulded rubber and has a manuka honeycomb grip. 
This pair of shoes belong to the Cushe® Coastal Supremacy collection of footwear that is inspired by board sports, surf, skate and coastal living. The material and fabric used in this footwear allows it to dry quickly and makes it ideal for warm weather and summer activities. My husband enjoys wearing these cool pair of shoes. He is totally looking forward to spend more time wearing the shoes when we go on our upcoming tropical summer vacation. 
I really enjoy wearing this pair of boutique delux shoes that is inspired by the Cushe® Urban Safari collection of footwear, which is perfect to be worn for everyday use. This pair of shoes has a combination of premium leather and textile combination on the upper portion of the shoes. The insole in this pair of shoes can be removed. The lining inside has a ventilated mesh. The rubber outsole of the shoes have the unique story of Cushe® printed on them. The laces in this pair of shoes are just for style. I like the admirable details on these shoes that I can happily wear all the time during my summer explorations.   
I like how the shoes are meant to be taken a closer look at, so check out their site and take a closer look for yourself. Cushe® footwear is available in US, UK, Canada, Australia and Chile.
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  1. I have been looking for these type of shoes for casual wear, browsing the site right now looks like a neat selection.


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