April 24, 2013

This Closet Helper Will Keep Us Organized

We usually have a hard time keeping our bedroom closet organized, since the clothes go in and out of it all the time. Like us, many people I know get frustrated with disorganized closets and have tried many ways to keep it neat, tidy and accessible. 
Our frustration was solved after we installed the Rubbermaid Max Add-On Closet Helper, as it helps us keep our closet organized and neater. I liked how easy it was to install the Rubbermaid Max Add-On Closet Helper without any tools. I found the smooth and sturdy tower plastic shelves and cubby inserts in this package to be handy and useful as it helps me neatly keep the clothes folded. 

The Rubbermaid Max Add-On Closet Helper instantly adds more closet space to keep the clothes in a functional manner. The four removable fabric cubby inserts are like open bins that allow us to store clothing such as socks. We can expand and adjust the telescoping hang rod about 2 to 3.5 feet. This telescoping hang rod creates additional space to hang clothes, and I think it helps hold the durable metal frames of the shelves a little more stronger and in place.
We have wooden shelves in our closet so we placed the Max Add-On with the wood brackets that came in the package, and didn't use the wire brackets that are meant to be placed on wire metal frames that some closets have. After placing the wood brackets we have to insert the support straps onto it and hang the metal towers with the shelves. The process of installing the closet helper was hassle free and the completion of the project is satisfying because our closet looks much neater. The added shelves and hang space that is in this Rubbermaid Max Add-On Closet Helper has helped us organize our closet better and has made it more accessible.
If you are interested in doing a make-over to your closets then look for the Rubbermaid Closet Systems such as the Max Add-On Closet Helper or other Rubbermaid Closet Helpers with 2 or 4 shelf units that are available at Home Depot, Rona and Select Walmart. 
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  1. Amazing. It's almost like getting a second closet. There is so much storage space worked into it.

  2. What a great way to organize your closet! I'm betting this is an economical choice, as opposed to having it professionally done.

  3. My master closet desperately needs an overhaul.
    Great post! Maybe I should try this out.

  4. I totally need that! I will check them out a great quick fix too!


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