April 16, 2013

Our Discovery at LEGOLAND

If you a fan of LEGO, then I am sure you too would be excited to be in a place full of LEGO attractions like the recently opened LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at Vaughan Mills mall. This indoor LEGO Centre has lots of fun things that the whole family will enjoy. 
When we were entering the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre it didn't look like much, as we can't see everything from the outside. Once we enter there is a world of LEGO attractions for us to explore. 

To enjoy all the attractions I think it is best to get there on time to avoid the lineups, I thought it was a little confusing without signs saying which line is for what because some people have annual passes, some have online passes and others are waiting to purchase. We got there 15 minutes before the attraction opened and there were people already starting to lineup. 
After the tickets are scanned, we enter to see the Lego Factory. There were no staff members to explain how anything works so we tried to figure it out on our own, but didn't understand much on how any of the machines worked and wasn't able to explain to the kids either so we moved on. 
The next attraction was the Kingdom Quest, which is a ride where we get light-blasters that are attached to the ride and we have to aim at the bad guys to rescue the princess. Inside the ride it is a little dark, so if you have little ones keep them close. The staff didn't tell us anything about the ride, except no pictures were allowed inside. Although, we enjoyed the ride my son wanted to get out of there soon because he found it a little dark. 
After this, began the exciting moments at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. We really enjoyed the creative MINILAND and took lots of pictures. 
My children liked pointing out the iconic Toronto landmarks that they recognized i.e. Harbourfront, CN tower, Toronto Pearson Airport, Air Canada Centre, Rogers Centre and more.
We really enjoyed the LEGO 4D Cinema. I think this was the most memorable experience that impressed us very much. The images moved so close to our face that made us sometimes move back :) We really felt as if we were "in" the movie as the water splashed and the foam fell from the top. We came out of the 4D Cinema with a wonderful feeling that I totally recommend for you to check out. Little ones might feel sensitive to the light and the images coming close to them with the 4D glasses on them. 
LEGO Racers: Build & Test was fun as we tried to build a car to race. It was a little bit difficult to find the pieces to build the car, as there weren't many. 
Earthquake Table allows us to build a tall tower and press the button was fun for children as they saw their structures moving and falling. LEGO Fire Academy, LEGO Friends, DUPLO Village, and LEGO Construction Site are other fun things at LEGOLAND.
We had fun learning what the LEGO pieces are called and building a robot at LEGO Master Builder Academy following the step-by-step instructions from the instructor. Building this model was a wonderful experience as I teamed up with my daughter to make it, while my son and husband made their own robot.  
Merlin's Apprentice is a two-minutes fun indoor ride that is sure to please both children and adults. 
There are washrooms, a cafe and birthday rooms within the centre as well. The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Shop has awesome products. I like that we can buy the bright LEGO bricks per pound like candy.
Overall, I think it is a wonderful indoor play zone as we can easily spend a couple of hours or more learning and discovering LEGO.

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  1. That is awesome! My hubby and son would both be thrilled to visit a legoland!

  2. Hubby and the kids are HUGE fans of lego - we would really like to go here one day soon! A fun-filled day for sure :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun!! I am really hoping to make it to Lego Land at Disney next month!

  4. My mom took the older 2 their on March break and they loved it! Thanks for the pictures I was having a hard time picturing it :)

  5. It sounds like they could use more staff to provide direction, but other than that it sounds and looks fantastic. I know my son would think it was pretty awesome!

  6. Wow, that looks great! My son is a huge LEGO fan (ok, me too). It would be great to visit.


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