January 6, 2013

Scenic accommodation and dining at Horseshoe Valley Resort

At the first sight of snow my family and I get very excited to get outdoors and have fun.  During the December holidays when we had some snow in Toronto, we were too sick to go out and enjoy it :(  However, I am glad we had planned to go to Horseshoe Resort in Barrie, Ontario before the school holidays ended and miraculously got well a day before our trip.

Horseshoe Valley resort is an hour and a half north of Toronto.  It is a wonderful place to enjoy all types of winter adventure and relax in their beautiful accommodations. During our stay we enjoyed snowshoeing, tubing and skiing. We don't have to be experts or know how to do any of these winter activities before going to the resort.  I think Horseshoe resort is a fabulous place to learn these winter sports.  I will be posting more about each of the fun activities we did at the resort, so stay tuned :)
As a parent with little ones, I find it difficult to go for long drives and come back on the same day as my children tend to become exhausted and cranky, which in turn ruins the fun.  Since travelling is involved we found it comfortable to stay overnight at the Horseshoe Resort.  They have four different styles of rooms that we can choose from such as loft suites, deluxe rooms, Horseshoe rooms and standard rooms.  If you have a bigger family you can choose to stay at their Valley Suite condo units.  We can own a piece of the resort by investing to buy their condo units at the Copeland house, which will be built in the end of this year.  
All their accommodating suites have access to wireless Internet, TV, iron, hair dryer and the Horseshoe sports centre.  The room also has a mini-fridge and coffee maker. 
We stayed at their spacious deluxe room, which was beautifully designed and has a lovely colourful decor.  
The washroom has a spacious stand-in shower and an oversized tub. The toiletries and bath products were the same products that are used in their Shizen spa. 
There was a cozy section with a fireplace separated from the sleeping area so we were able to relax and enjoy the view.  
The view from the room
I found staying at the resort made it convenient to enjoy the winter sports and warm up in the room before going out for more adventure.  They have a beautiful indoor pool to use at our leisure.
In the evenings, by the front hall they have complimentary apple cider and a beautiful fireplace for us to relax and enjoy.  
The atmosphere at the resort is welcoming and pleasant so it was nice to walk around. The gift shop has lots of wonderful goodies that would make wonderful souvenirs.
The resort has wonderful restaurants to dine. In the winter, the Crazy Horse restaurant, Cookhouse Cafeteria and Beaver Tails are open for our enjoyment.  We had a delicious dinner and breakfast at the Silks Dining Lounge, which is located within the inn.  At the Silks we enjoyed the beautiful candle lit atmosphere, with windows that overlook the beautiful scenery of people skiing and snowboarding. 
We had a seafood centric dinner prepared by Chef Dylan Tulloch. We enjoyed the warm bread, followed by Normandy onion soup and Seafood tasting to begin.  The Pan roasted Atlantic salmon with quinoa salad made a wonderful entree.  
The sorbet and apple dessert tasted fabulous.
I would highly recommend the Horseshoe's signature sticky toffee pudding, which was delectable, I am already craving for more :)
Sticky toffee pudding
The breakfast was buffet style and had a lot of delicious goodies from toast, waffles, pastries, fruit, cereal, home style fries and many more.
We found Horseshoe Resort a good place to go with family and friends to enjoy the excitement of winter and make wonderful memories.  Here is a list of special packages and offers that are on their site.  When we sign up to become a member of the Sky Life Rewards for free and join their community we will get to know about lots of activities and cool things to do in Ontario.  SkyLife VIP members get 15% to a maximum of 50% off accommodations and activities.   
Do visit the Horseshoe Valley resort as they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year and enjoy it with your family and friends to make sweet memories, as we certainly did!
Horseshoe Valley
1101 Horseshoe Valley Road
Barrie, Ontario
L4M 4Y8

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