January 14, 2013

Eating healthy and making goals with Special K

In the beginning of the New Year, if you are like me then you would have made some resolutions around eating healthy, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight.  
To help us with our journey we can use this free personalized plan from Special K.  When we start our plan we will be automatically entered to win a pair of New Balance shoes.  They will pick 3 people to win every day until March 3rd.  I found their site easy to use and track my progress.
This online program offers personalized meal and fitness plans to reach our goals.  There are lots of information such as recipes, fitness ideas, fashion and beauty, so we can maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. 
I like the Special K quick portion controlled snacks such as cracker chips, granola bars with dark chocolate and fruit crisps, which are fabulous when we are on the go.
Everyone in our home likes the fruit crisps with strawberry flavour and chocolate flavour, here is a more about these snacks that I posted before.
My daughter liked the dark chocolate flavour granola bar more than my son, as I am not a fan of chocolate so I passed.  We really like the cracker chips bar-b-q flavour, which tasted wonderful.  These cracker chips are also available in orginal, cheddar and sour cream & onion.  
The Special K low fat cereal such as the granola, red berries cereal, oats and honey multigrain flakes make a wonderful breakfast.  If you are allergic to nuts and dairy, make sure to read the labels as most Special K products have these.  

Look for specially marked Special K products to win a fabulous New Balance Lightning Dry tank top.  I like wearing this tank top, as it is light and comfortable to do exercise.  
The plan, resources and Special K products are motivating me to stay positive and healthy, I hope it will do the same to you.  

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  1. Seems that every year I tell myself I am going to get fit and healthy. Since having my kids I've never gotten out of my belly slump. I try, but I just love sweets sooooo much!

    This year, I am putting my foot forward and going to give it a good try. Bought myself a piece of work out equipment that won't hurt my back and fingers crossed I use it. Owned it a week, used it once.

    I love the special K products. I have put my foot down on the junk my kids eat and both have turned to Special K for their snacking wants. I have lost weight before eating special K consistently! I just love them :)

  2. I love the Special K Granola on top of yogurt - a great afternoon snack!

  3. All of their snack foods are delicious. It's easy to eat light with treats like those!

  4. This is right in line with my post today about weight loss and getting healthy! Thanks for the great snack ideas :)


  5. Special K makes amazing products! They taste soooo good! I hope in the future they make some Gluten Free products as I miss the delicious convenience they use to provide!!

  6. Love the Special K line of products and eat their low fat granola almost every morning. We also like their other cereals and the fruit crisp and granola bars are delicious!


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