January 28, 2013

Become TELUS WISE about Smartphone and Internet Safety

TELUS WISE stands for Wise Internet and Smartphone Education, which is an educational program about the Internet and Smartphone safety.  The content of TELUS WISE has been developed in partnership with MediaSmarts and other industry experts, as there is a steady growth of smartphone and Internet use by children and teens. As an organization, their motive is to keep our children safe from online criminal activity i.e. financial fraud and child predators.

This TELUS WISE free program is currently open to TELUS business customers, their employees and families. Hopefully it will be open to the public soon.  This program includes...
  • In-person training and seminars for parents and anyone wanting to learn how to keep children and teens safe when using the Internet.  These interactive seminars are one hour in length and led by certified TELUS team members at office location(s) across Canada. 
  • WISE virtual community offers a wealth of training, tips and tools on Internet and Smartphone safety.
During the December holidays many of you may have stumbled across a letter written by a mom to her 13 year old son that had 18 ground rules of using the cellphone. When I first read the letter, I thought that the letter was well written and thoughtfully said so children can understand it.  Here is a link to the ground rules letter that is re-blogged by TELUS.

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  1. I think this is a great idea. Almost every kid has a cell and computer now so teaching Internet safety is a must. Thanks for sharing.

  2. it worries that even my 6 yr old has a handle on technology better than I do. when they are teens I'm in trouble!

  3. I'm off to read that letter! My daughter got an ipod for Christmas and we have it locked down pretty tight, but I know that as she gets older she will seek more freedom and it's all about teaching them the tools to be safe!

  4. It amazes me how comfortable kids are with technology these days. My son has an ipod and just signed up for a twitter account - yikes. I will be keeping an eye on that pretty close, though he did tweet me on the weekend, telling me he was with his friend at his house.

  5. It is so important for parents to stress the importance of being safe while online, to their children. There is so much out there! Cyber-bullying would probably worry me the most.

  6. It's really important to be careful nowadays especially when kids have access to the net Akheela.. off to read the details :-)


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